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"Health is a journey; we will never know where we are, unless we are tested. It is about being prepared, and is measured by our resiliency to bounce back after a setback." - Amanda Carpenter


Our Mission


COR Health Solutions

We are dedicated to inspire and empower people to address their health so that they can live the life they desire.

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Online Vitality and Wellness Program

Our online Vitality Program is designed to rebuild and restore the COR foundation of your health.

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Give your body the tools to help support detoxification and clear out environmental toxins.

Detox and relax with a foot bath designed to cleanse and purify the body through the power of ions.

Enjoy the soothing powers of a BioMat session to relax your muscles and improve circulation.

Vitality Retreats

Learn to listen to the body’s inner wisdom to restore and maintain your natural health, while immersing yourself in a healing retreat.