With over 20 years helping clients reach their health goals, we’ve learned there is one important key to health. You need to address the non-negotiable factors of every-day life: sleep, stress, diet, movement and mindset.

Change only happens from two reason: Desperation or Inspiration. We want to help you begin your inspired health journey.

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Our Team


Get to know our team of dedicated coaches.


Amanda Carpenter

Wellness Expert
Certified Professional Trainer
Foundational Health Guru

Amanda is a wellness expert with over 20 years helping clients reach their health goals. Her passion is to educate and empower others to move forward and take control of their health.


Jason Hupe

Certified Health Coach
Tech Geek
Professional Photographer

Inspired to help others after his own health journey, Jason is passionate about helping others understand how to take control of their heath and improve their quality of life through healthy habits.



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  • Weekend Vitality Retreats

  • Infrared Detox Sauna

  • Certified Professional Trainers


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