Picture by Gabriel Sepulveda on Unsplash

Picture by Gabriel Sepulveda on Unsplash

“Eat only what you want,” I heard this message in my head the other day, when I stopped to take a moment. I had forgotten to eat lunch and the Universe prompted me, gently, “breathe.” 

I glanced at the Kripalu catalog and wondered if I had time to fit in a weekend away. The School of Ayurveda appealed to me in the moment, so I read Katie Hagel’s article The Full Burp with enjoyment, thinking “yeah, remember this.”   

Her wisdom was just what I needed on a too-busy week. With all the traveling I’ve been doing Iately, I was missing that sense of being fully present at a meal, thinking about what I’m going to enjoy — the company, more than the food. Jason and I have learned to eat well, to eat just enough. But when we’re on the road, together or apart, it’s easy to lose that sense of mindfulness and serenity. Kripalu is one of those anchors that brings us back to center, to wholeness. 

Katie’s advice is so practical and good: take a few deep breaths, eat slowly, take time to smile and be with others at the meal, maybe hold hands and be grateful for your time together. 

I remind my clients, and myself, to slow down and enjoy each meal. Then, whatever we eat will taste delicious, because we received it with gratitude and attention. Our bodies work more efficiently when we feed them good, nourishing food in calm surroundings. And these very simple, non-negotiable practices help us to keep going, so we can nourish others. We care for ourselves, to care for them.